Born into a Portuguese family and raised in a Cypriot neighbourhood in North London, to me, only means one thing, well two really. That the home has two hearts, the kitchen and the dinner table.


When I was a kid these were my two favourite places to hang out. Some of my first memories are of being in the kitchen or at the dinner table, I always ate my greens and I loved wearing my Mum’s apron with great pride! 

Fast forward a good few decades and my love affair with food continued. With fire in my belly and my heart beating fast I reached the Finals of Masterchef UK 2018 cooking the Portuguese dishes I grew up loving to eat and learnt to cook as a child.

Since the show has aired I am now wearing my own apron with pride and am enjoying work as a private chef. I have also gained experience in working in some of London’s most renowned professional kitchens including the Modern Turkish Restaurant ‘Yosma’ and Michelin starred restaurants ‘Nathan Outlaw’s at the Capital’ and ‘Benares’.”